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Nature Kids Kindy Pre-School ECE Outside Learning

As a family growing up in New Zealand, the outdoors has had a massive impact on our personal values.

From growing a vegetable and/or flower garden as a yearly school project for the school gala day, to camping in some of our outstanding bush, river and beach locations, these experiences have formed the general desire to explore ‘Nature Education’.

Kate has been influenced by the Forest Schools of Europe and in particular, the work of Educational Consultant Claire Warden and her "outstanding and sector leading" Auchlone Nature Kindergarten in Scotland. Claire’s work has documented children’s learning through their experiences in the outdoors. (link to Claire Warden's website)

Wendy has had a passion for lowering our environmental impact for many years and has recently completed her own low impact, low energy use home by the Motueka River at Ngatimoti incorporating sustainable water usage, contained waste systems and solar heating.

Nature Kids Kindy Pre-School ECE Outside Learning

Together we have built Nature Kids on our family owned property, utilising and enhancing the large grounds with mature trees and garden. Wherever we can, we use natural resources of timber, bamboo, metal or glass rather than plastic. We have developed a rocky stream with hand pump to pump water down into the rock bordered sandpit, utilised a felled tree from the property to use for balance and upper body strength, and recycled the iron power pole for hanging the swings from between two birch trees. Our vegetable gardens grow strawberries, beans, garlic, peas, corn, zucchinis, cucumbers, parsley…….. The children always want to help and discover new tastes. The orchard is brimming with plums, peaches, figs, lemons, oranges, mandarins, apricots, pears, apples, avocados……

We have an earth pizza oven built by James and we use this for shared celebrations and end of term events. Our pet ram Zippy is growing fast and keeps the children entertained with his frolicking. The chickens are always popular and going to collect the eggs and then deciding what we would like to cook with them is a favourite event.

The overwhelming comments we get from visitors is of the homely,comfortable, family feeling environment we have created.